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Bodymind Float Center


Bodymind Float Center began in 2013 as a one-tank experiment in the basement of owners David and Pattie. A four-tank center was built on Rochester's Park Ave, and four years later a second shop opened in Syracuse. We are now the largest float center in Western and Central New York.

Owners David and Pattie are professional violinists who live in Rochester. Our wonderful staff are artists, musicians, skateboarders, students, retired state troopers, animal lovers and veterans.  

BFC strives to build partnerships with local businesses and organizations. In our spacious lobby we provide complimentary loose-leaf tea supplied by Roji Tea Lounge.

We've donated gift certificates for our services to hundreds of local not-for-profits for raffles and other fund-raising events in Rochester and Syracuse. 

Our Syracuse location, during the usual Syracuse weather.

Our Syracuse location, during the usual Syracuse weather.


Centrally located in Syracuse!

2949 Erie Blvd East, Suite 101

Syracuse, New York, 13224

(315) 992-8656

Open 9:30am-9pm every day but Wednesday


Bodymind Float Center in the Community 

We believe being a local business isn’t just about providing the best service possible; it is also about giving back to the community in ways big and small. Syracuse has been incredibly kind to us. Here are a few of the ways we’ve tried to give back.

Charitable Donations
We make dozens of donations annually, including to "I have a Voice", CNY Fair Housing, Ronald MacDonald House, Clear Path for Veterans, McMahon/Ryan Child Advocacy Center, and ARC of Onondaga County.

Warrior Salute Collaboration:
Our partnership with Warrior Salute begin with a pilot study on the effects of floating on PTSD, and lives on as a program of donated and steeply discounted floats for the veterans of Warrior Salute. You can learn more about the program here.

Fibromyalgia Discount Program:
Initiated as an international pilot study, this evolved into a program of free and discounted floats for those diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. We have enrolled over 400 participants. Discounts are listed on our pricing page.

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Still Have any Questions? Ask below or call us at: (315) 992-8656

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